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Please note: We publish strictly according to our theme list. Please query. See further guidelines below.

2016 dates have been filled. 2017 themes plan to be released at the end of May.



The Growing Christian’s Weekly Resource



The Lookout is a 16-page, full-color weekly magazine from Christian Standard Media with a circulation of about 40,000.

The Lookout is designed to provide Christian adults with true-to-the-Bible teaching about current topics to help them mature as believers and live in the world as faithful witnesses of Christ.

The Lookout publishes from a theologically conservative, nondenominational, and noncharismatic perspective. It is a member of the Evangelical Press Association.

• Our emphasis is on the needs of ordinary Christians who want to grow in their faith rather than on trained theologians or church leaders.


• As a Christian general-interest magazine, we cover a wide variety of topics—from individual discipleship to family concerns to social involvement. We value well-informed articles that offer lively and clear writing as well as strong application.

• Please note. We publish strictly according to our theme list. All articles we purchase will address one of the 52 themes we have scheduled for the year.

• Our annual theme list is available above and is updated weekly to reflect what topics are still available.


Human-interest stories (1,200 – 1,400 words): Let your unique experiences and observations help our readers see God at work in the world. Better yet, show us the experiences of others. Become a reporter and tell our readers about Christian individuals or families with extraordinary stories. Humor and inspirational articles are welcome.

Informational and journalistic articles (1,200 – 1,400 words): We are looking for timely, well-researched articles, interviews, profiles, or essays dealing with topics of current concern. (List sources when applicable.)

Teaching articles (1,200 – 1,400 words): Help readers practically apply Scripture to present-day needs or show them fresh ways to grow in their Christian walk. Your article should provide either solid principles to help readers better understand your subject or skills to help them effectively respond.

• Please do not submit poetry or fiction.

• Please do not submit cartoons.

• Please do not submit previously published material.



• Email only (No mailed queries or submissions are accepted.)

• Query only (We do not accept unsolicited submissions. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be considered or returned.)

• Before you query check the issue availability above.

• Your query letter should describe the article you propose to write. In the subject line of your email please include the issue number for which you are querying.

• If we are interested, we will ask for the article “on speculation,” which means we are willing to examine the article but cannot promise to publish it.

• Allow several months for query reply.

• The Lookout pays up to 11 cents per word for first rights on unsolicited articles.



Once your query has been accepted on speculation:

• Please use the 2011 edition of the New International Version when quoting Scripture in your submission. If you quote a different version, please note what version you are using.

• On your submission, please provide your name, address, daytime telephone number, e-mail address, issue number, and word count.

• Please suggest several subheads and pull quotes.

• Secure permission from the appropriate publishing house when quoting songs, hymns, books, or poetry in your article.

• Include a list of references for quotes and other sources you cite.

• Do not use text boxes with or without shading for your pull quotes. Pull quotes may be placed at the end of the article.

• Our preferred method for accepting articles on speculation, is via a Word or Rich Text Format document attached to an email message.

• The Lookout does not publish cartoons, poetry, or fiction—if submitted these will not be returned.

• For our theme list and a sample issue, click on the links at the top of this page.


The Lookout, 8805 Governor’s Hill Drive, Suite 400

Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

E-mail: lookout@christianstandardmedia.com

Website: LookoutMag.com

Kelly Carr, Editor

Sheryl Overstreet, Assistant Editor

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