Anticipating God

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Anticipating God

By Kelly Carr

c_CarrThrough my church, my work, and my husband’s work, I get the privilege of hearing about the experiences of people all across the country and around the world. When they talk about the ways they see God moving in their particular context, I feel excited and inspired:

• After a remote village in Myanmar was destroyed by fire, God moved through a local minister, with financial help from IDES, to deliver physical renewal through supplies as well as spiritual renewal through the message of Jesus. 

• God moved in the hearts of Polish missionaries to share the gospel with professional athletes. These athletes, in turn, have been moved to share Christ with their peers.

• God has been sparking revival in Texas, bringing attention to justice in Chicago, and capturing the hearts of artists in Tennessee.

• God is moving in families—a daughter takes care of her aging mother, a father works two jobs to provide stability for his household, a single woman pleads with the social service system to permanently adopt her foster child. 

More Stories

I wanted to hear more about the ways God is moving and what he is teaching people. So I asked three people who live in different parts of the country to share their experiences with The Lookout:

• Trevor DeVage ministers in Mason, Ohio. Read his story about how God quite literally moved him in a new direction.

• Nathan Winstead is part of a church plant in New York City. Discover how God is moving in his life by telling him to stop.

• Jodi Hickerson serves in Ventura, California. Find out her wide perspective on all kinds of people who are being moved by God’s good news. 

God Shows Up

God is evident in the major and the mundane. He shows up when we anticipate wonder and when we are unexpectedly awed. 

You have your own experiences of seeing God on the move in your home, in your community, in your church, in your state. Tell someone about it this week. Let others know that God is making a difference, and give specific examples of the ways you’ve seen him in action. 

Let’s anticipate God every day. Let’s expect him to be at work. Then we will look at life from a completely different angle. 

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