Are You Creative?

September 27, 2015 1 Comment »
Are You Creative?

By Kelly Carr 

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.25.16 PMI have a secret: I’m thrilled by other people’s creativity. When people can create such beauty, such inventive things, especially when it’s nothing I could fathom attempting myself, I am in awe. 

Everyone Thinks Differently

My history of reality TV interests reveals this hobby of mine. I get on a roll watching certain shows that highlight different forms of creativity. It has been cake decorating shows, house renovation shows, clothing design shows, tattoo artist shows, and more. Seeing people make beauty out of such different stuff is wow-ing. I have friends who can create colorful gardens, cute clothing, melodic music, sweet-smelling candles, and eye-catching jewelry. None of these are in my wheelhouse, but I fully support their skills!

How great to see pieces of God’s creativity manifested in each person. Each of us thinks differently, sees the world differently, and has a unique combination of skills, experiences, and interests. And God has been creating new, unique individuals for years—to do that without duplicating any one combination, he has to be creative!

As I may have mentioned before, my church spent a year studying and interacting with the theme of creativity. The sermons came from the psalms where David and other writers focused their experiences and feelings into creating verse and song. We examined ourselves and discovered that we can each worship God through creativity and in ways that we may not have ever considered creative. We were challenged to go beyond our typical tendencies and try new ways of relating to God and to one another. 

Everyone Can Inspire

Sometimes when we think of creativity, a certain personality type or area of interest comes to mind. But the field of art isn’t the only category that gets to claim inspiration. Every area of study and work involves some sort of inventiveness. Consider the things you do on a daily basis and the interests you have. You are creative in some form or another. 

• How does that creativity help you grow, connect to others, and see God in a new light? 

• How can your originality inspire people? 

• How can you challenge yourself to new facets of ingenuity? 

• How can you worship God with the different talents you have? 

Your creativity can serve the church. You can be creative in the way you build relationships or in the way you show generosity. You can be creative when you think of a solution to a problem or take a mess of activities and volunteers and put them into a workable schedule.  

God made you in a way no one else is made. There are things you can do in certain places connecting to specific people that no one else will have the chance to do. Don’t forget that you were created with purpose for a purpose. Live out your creativity to the glory of God.

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