Bounty of Spiritual Fruit

September 4, 2016 No Comments »
Bounty of Spiritual Fruit

By Kelly Carr

carrDo you like fruit? It’s summertime as I write this, and I am reveling in all the fruit I can find—grapes, melons, berries of all sorts. Yum. Today begins a 9-week series on a metaphor that, pardon my pun, I can sink my teeth into—the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22, 23).

At first glance this Scripture could appear to be a list of things we have to do in order to be good followers of Jesus. Yet the key is that the fruit is “of the Spirit.” In other words, these characteristics are evidence that we are allowing God, who is dwelling in us through his Spirit, to have control over our lives. That’s why it’s fruit—these nine items are the outward result of a ripe relationship.

This fruit is also presented in contrast to our sinful nature, or “acts of the flesh.” Living by the Spirit means putting aside our sinful behavior. The more we walk by the Spirit (v. 16), the less we will give in to our temptations and the more we will display God’s fruit.

Throughout this series, we want to look at different aspects of this spiritual fruit that we may not always discuss. Today we begin with the first on the list: love. We’re looking at what love in action truly means and what a difference it makes in someone’s life (and beyond) when godly love is demonstrated. And we are also reminded of how astounding it is that the amazing, all-knowing God has immeasurable love for little ole us.

As we take a long look at this Scripture over the coming weeks, may God’s Spirit teach us something new about himself, about his Word, and about the life he is calling us to lead. May we keep walking with him and allowing him to produce in us a bounty of fruit.

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