Church Ladies

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Church Ladies

By Kelly Carr

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.58.04 PMA few months ago at church there were a few of us adults standing around talking after the worship service. Many people had already left, including all the kids. My daughter was standing across the room by herself, giving me the eye, fully ready for the grownups to stop jabbering so we could eat some lunch.

Then I saw one of my friends go up and start a conversation with her. I saw my daughter chatting and smiling while my friend listened with full attention to a big story my girl was telling. The interaction warmed my heart. Later that afternoon, my daughter told me how “awesome” this woman is. I agreed.

My kiddo will need all kinds of godly adults as role models in her life. And although so far I’m still (mostly) cool enough to hang around, there will come a day when I may not be the woman she goes to for advice. I’m glad she is surrounded by a number of amazing ladies at our church who care and who have demonstrated that care specifically to my daughter through their words and actions.

It reminded me of the church ladies who have shaped my life. The senior citizen Sunday school teacher whose hugs were the best. The minister’s wife who led our kids’ choir. The youth group sponsor who I could ask questions to, and I knew she’d give me honest answers.

I have an amazing mom who I’m super thankful for today on Mother’s Day. I’m also thankful for the motherly love shown to me by many church ladies over the years. Take time this week to thank a church lady who has made a difference in your life. And commit to being an awesome church lady (or church gentleman) to the young people in your congregation.

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