Dads Making a Difference

June 19, 2016 No Comments »
Dads Making a Difference

By Kelly Carr

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.58.04 PMMy friends’ dads who were sponsors for my high school youth group were terrific. John would do a silly dance to the song “Footloose.” To this day I still picture his funny moves when I hear that tune. Steve took time away from his young kids to lead our youth choir and took us on a weeklong spring break trip—he encouraged me to use my writing and dramatic side for the Lord. Gary had a godly depth, and his example was transformative.

Talking to my friends, they have similar stories to tell of my own dad. Before, during, and after I was in the age demographic, my dad spent years serving the kids of our church. He was goofy and fun to engage them (once he got a hilarious hair perm as the reward for the kids raising donations for Mountain Mission School). But he also built godly relationships, teaching them respect and biblical truth.

Take notice of the dads making a difference around you. This Father’s Day week, thank a dad who isn’t in your family. The foster or adoptive dad at church—thank him for going out of his way to become a father to children who need it. The dad you see playing with his kids at the park—go up to him and thank him for being a role model for other men. Write a note to the dads of the kids you teach in Sunday school—tell them how great you think their kids are and what a terrific job they must be doing as fathers. Send an email to one of your friends’ dads—tell him that without his fatherly leadership, guidance, and wisdom you would not have such an amazing friend in your life.

Dads make a difference. Let’s encourage them this week.

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