Designed by Our Creator

April 10, 2016 No Comments »
Designed by Our Creator

By Kelly Carr

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.58.04 PMJust last week I observed some amazing beauty created by God. Ever since I was young, the beauty of nature has most often drawn me into spiritual introspection, into marveling and wondering about the Creator. When I see the intricacies of a leaf, for instance, or the grandiosity of a mountain range, I am spellbound. And it seems that when I’m on vacation, I take more time to stop and dwell upon such natural beauty. Last week I was sitting by the ocean and contemplating the hugeness, the power, the beauty of God’s creation in the water, the birds, and the sand. 

I also stopped to observe a different kind of beauty—the people God has created. Sometimes when I focus on nature, I want people to get out of my way so I can be by myself and take in God’s wonders without distraction. Yet in those times, I’m neglecting the beauty of humanity right before my eyes.

On the beach I watched my husband and 10-year-old daughter playing together. They’d crack each other up and I saw such love in their eyes for one another. I took notice of the people around us on our travels and saw a span of ages, heard different accents, and listened to vast experiences. Some people were laughing, some were sitting still and thinking. Some looked sad or lost. Some looked grateful and strong. 

Different appearances, personalities, strengths, and passions—no two of us are alike, yet we all are made by the Creator and designed to do something no one else on earth has done. We are all made to delight in our Maker and commune with him. How God continues to develop new and unique individuals each and every day, lavishing his love and grace upon each—it’s thrilling. That’s true beauty.

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