Evaluation Questions for December 18, 2016

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Evaluation Questions for December 18, 2016

By David Faust

These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word.

Sunday School Lesson Text:

Luke 1:8-20

1. How do you handle it when God says no to a prayer you offer in earnest faith? How has that tested your faith? Was there a time you received a yes from God after years of waiting? How did that change your life?

2. Do you relate to Zechariah’s hesitation upon hearing the angel’s announcement? Would you have found Gabriel’s promise hard to believe? Why or why not? Is it easy or hard for you to trust that God can make the seemingly impossible happen?

3. Have you ever observed God bringing little delights to his people even while he carries out the details of his big plans? What does that tell you about God’s care for the details of our lives?

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