Every Once in a While

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Every Once in a While

By Kelly Carr

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.58.04 PMI remember celebrating the birthday of a former coworker when she turned 16. Actually she was older than that, but because her birthday was on February 29, she only truly saw her date of birth every four years. So we cheered on her Sweet 16th. In reality she was . . . well, you can do the math; I don’t want to reveal a lady’s age! But I’m thinking about her this week as she gets to celebrate another February 29. 

Out of the Ordinary

There’s something special about leap day since it only comes around every so often. The same special feeling can be said of the Olympics, a blue moon, or the blooming of an Agave americana (which only flowers every 10 years). When things are rare, we take notice. 

Leap day got me thinking about when God added time for Joshua the day the sun stood still. It also reminds me of things in the Bible that only happened periodically, such as the Year of Jubilee. We are discussing both of those biblical occurrences this week. Author Javan Rowe pointed out to us another biblical item that didn’t happen often—manifestations of God’s wrath. Many people have misconceptions about God, perhaps thinking he was angry a lot, especially in the Old Testament. In his article Javan helps us dig into a realistic look at God’s wrath and his mercy. 

Rare and Special

God is visible in the daily aspects of our lives, if we take the time to be aware of him. But sometimes it takes experiences that are out of the ordinary to grab our attention and be reminded of his splendor. We can become lulled into apathy in the day-to-day, forgetting how extraordinary the commonplace is—until something special takes place. 

I may go many days without noticing the sun’s powerful rising and setting—until breathtaking hues color the horizon during my vacation at the beach. Now I’m more aware of the sunsets out my own window each week. I used to take for granted the fascinating intricacies of my lungs and how much they provide for me each day—until my lung spontaneously collapsed. Now I’m a little more aware of the breaths I breathe and more thankful of my body’s ability to do so. 

During the unique moments of our lives, we may give extra pause and particular honor to our Creator. What is rare and special to you? Maybe it’s the visit of a relative or friend who lives far away. Perhaps it’s a goal you’ve worked for years to accomplish. Maybe it’s a trip to see long-awaited sights. It could be witnessing a milestone in a loved one’s life. Maybe it’s a day when you have nothing pending on your schedule—a rare and needed respite!

Look for the unique in your year. Celebrate the special occasions that come your way. Recognize the moments God gives you to peek at something that doesn’t happen every day. Stop and revel in those moments and praise the one who gave you breath to experience them. 

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