Get Out, Get Moving

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Get Out, Get Moving

By Kelly Carr

Spring might be my new favorite season. (I used to be a fall girl. I still love it too.) After the short days of winter and the cold and cloudy atmosphere that exists for so long in Cincinnati, the peek of blooms and warming sun lifts my spirits. I find energy anew. Spring is a great time to be active outside in the surroundings God designed. If I’m attuned to God’s Spirit, I find that he communicates to me when I am spending time basking in his creativity.

Saturday was the annual commemoration of Earth Day. It’s a good reminder for me to enjoy the amazing creation God has given to us, and it encourages me to get out and get moving.

I enjoy staying active and often consider the health benefits for my body, but I can’t forget the spiritual benefits as well. When I feel stronger physically, my mental and spiritual accuity are also heightened. When I’ve had enough sleep and healthy food to eat, I’m certainly more adept at interacting graciously with others and living out godly characteristics. My body and spirit are entertwined, and one influences the other.

I’ve found that when my motivation toward physical health maintenance is lacking, it helps to surround myself with others who will keep me going. Positive peer pressure! When my friends are sharing recipes full of vegetables and when my husband gets outside daily to run, I am pulled along with their healthy strides.

If you are one of those motivated individuals, please encourage those around you—not shaming them but lifting them up, telling them you believe they can make healthy choices. If you are an individual who needs motivation, seek out people who have good habits and are willing to walk with you on the healthy path.

After all, God has given us one life, one body. Let’s keep it healthy and take it outside once in a while, glorifying him in body, mind, and spirit.

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