God’s Artistry

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God’s Artistry

By Kelly Carr

c_CarrThis week is the first of two issues about how we can learn from and care for God’s creation. We begin by looking at the splendor of nature. 

Nature has always drawn me to God. Being out in natural beauty puts me in a worshipful mindset. 

Trips to amazing locations in the U.S. have sparked my wonder at God’s artistry. I fell in love with Mt. Rainer when I visited Seattle; I was thrilled with the shapes of Red Rock Canyon in Nevada; I was flabbergasted with the unbelievably blue Caribbean Sea.

But even living in the city, I can be wowed with natural wonder. I live near the Ohio River, and seeing it causes me to pause and ponder. I live by a city park that is filled with tulips and magnolias in the spring and colorful foliage in the fall. I can sit, walk by, or jog through a number of breathtaking places. 

I’ve gotten to travel to a few other countries in my lifetime, and I enjoy seeing photos and hearing stories from people around the globe. It’s fascinating to glimpse God’s glory in such varieties of terrain, agriculture, and climate.

Our sidebar author, Melissa Wuske, compiled some websites if you’d like to plan a God’s-creation vacation this year:

• 20 Best State Parks

• 7 Lesser Known National Parks

• 10 Best National Parks

Can’t wait till summer? Take a virtual tour of a national park from your desk.

Whether you travel far or stick close to home, you can find God’s creation uplifting. Look around and revel in his wonders this week.

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