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By Kelly Carr, Editor

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.58.04 PMSee that woman across the way? No one is talking to her. Why not go over and start a conversation? I know you’re intimidated. But don’t let her looks fool you. She’s likely just as intimidated by you. She may seem tough, but she’s trying not to appear vulnerable. She’s got the same fears on the inside. She is simply a woman made in God’s image, just like you. Even if you just talk about the weather, she’ll be glad someone is willing to say hello. What do you have to lose? Go on.

Do you ever need a voice in your head, urging you forward? Such a voice is already there—God’s Holy Spirit urging this kind of interaction. Perhaps you attempt to ignore his voice. But it’s time for all of us to listen and act.

Be a Friend

In this second week in our series, we are talking about women. I believe we ladies often need encouragement when it comes to opening up our hearts to new friendships. Of course it’s easier to be protective and maintain contact with those we already trust. It takes time and energy to build something new. Plus we may get hurt. Yet consider the treasured women in your life now—they were worth it! That next new friend is worth it too. 

When approaching another woman, do you ever have an interior monologue wandering through your brain? Even subconsciously, you may be evaluating her appearance and actions, deciding how confident to feel based on her response. I do it too. Yet why do we do look at other women with suspicion? Doesn’t it feel good when another woman is friendly, seems to care, or compliments us? 

Be Confident

We have the power to be a confidence boost to other women. We have the potential to encourage or discourage. Let’s make the first move toward brightening a fellow female’s day:

• When you go to the bank or post office and see a woman working hard, ask her how her day is going. If you don’t normally go inside these establishments anymore, try it today. Get face-to-face and give her your attention. 

• When you’re at the store and the line is taking forever, notice the tired woman behind you. Give her a smile. Tell her to hang in there as she’s getting her errands done. You understand the feeling. 

• Is there a woman at your workplace who is notoriously in a bad mood? Make it your goal to get her to smile. It may not work on the first try—or the second—but intentionally seek her out and speak uplifting words, praying that eventually you will communicate God’s love to her. 

Ten years ago I was that stranger across the way—actually it was across a playground. We had just moved to the community to plant a church. I was new to the neighborhood and new as a mom. I knew no one, and everything about motherhood scared me. I needed a friend. I can remember those first ladies who took time to say hi to me at the park. Now they are some of the women I frequently call on with joys and sorrows, to laugh together or to seek help. 

I’m sure glad they said hello.

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