“I See You—You Are Valued”

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“I See You—You Are Valued”

By Kelly Carr

carrOur family was walking home from an evening event in the park. There was inclement weather in the forecast, but judging by the radar, we felt we could walk the mile home before it hit. Of course, we were mistaken. Halfway home, thunder cracked, lightning flashed, and the skies opened up. As rain began to pour, we ducked under a bridge to wait it out. But it didn’t appear to be slowing. Our daughter’s eyes were wide with apprehension. Just then a car pulled up, and a familiar voice shouted, “Get in!” Our friends were at the same park event and knew we were walking home; when the rain began, they sought us out. We were quite thankful!

On both a large and small scale, from loved ones or strangers, our family has been the recipients of many acts of kindness.

Think about a time when someone was kind to you. Now close your eyes and remember just how you felt in that moment upon receiving such kindness. Did you sense love, joy, peace? Many other fruits of the Spirit come alongside when kindness abounds. Kindness—doesn’t just saying the word bring a smile to your face, a sense of relief to your breath? Like a cup of cold water on a hot day, kind-hearted people refresh the spirit.

Why does kindness feel so good? Because kindness says, “I see you. You are valuable. You are worth my time and effort.” It is a true gift to offer kindness. And it’s a true blessing to receive it.

The challenge here is obvious—if kindness means this much, then where can you enact kindness this week and beyond? Ask God’s Spirit to show you opportunities to display this fruit, and you will surely discover places aplenty where a kind gesture would be appreciated; you will surely find souls who yearn to be noticed and valued.

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