In The World—June 18, 2017

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In The World—June 18, 2017

By Lindsey Bell

Woman Seeks TV Help to Reunite with Long-Lost Father

Amanda Holdiness was raised by her single mother, godparents, and grandmother. She often wondered about her father, but her mom didn’t provide much information about him.

Holdiness said that her wedding day was the hardest. “I’ve always seen ladies walk down the aisle with their father, and I never got it.” When Holdiness decided she wanted to search for her biological dad, she contacted investigative genealogist and ABC news consultant Pam Slaton for help—she first saw Slaton on an episode of 20/20. Slaton and Holdiness worked to piece together any clues they had from her DNA to hopefully find a match.

After several letdowns, Holdiness found her biological father. She told ABC News, “I finally have another piece of my heart that has been mended.”

Scorpion Venom Could Help Cancer Surgery

The Israeli Deathstalker Scorpion—if you run across it in the wilderness, it could kill you. Its venom is deadly and its sting very painful.

But researchers are learning that its venom can actually help surgeons detect cancer cells. When synthetically produced with its poison removed, the venom can be combined with a sticky molecule that contains fluorescent dye. The venom attaches itself to cancer cells but not to normal ones. It’s like “tumor paint,” said Dr. Olson, a brain cancer physician from Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Olson explained, “Sometimes, it’s really hard for a surgeon to tell what is cancer and what is normal. . . . In the brain, you can’t take out a big chunk of normal just to make sure you got the cancer. And tumor paint distinguishes clearly the difference between brain cancer and normal brain in all of our experiments that we’ve done so far.”

Dr. Olson believes this could be one of the greatest discoveries for cancer surgery in the last 50 years.

Homeless Man Saved by Facebook Page

Ginger Sprouse drove by a man named Victor Hubbard at least four times a day as he stood on the same street corner, day after day, year after year. Ginger heard people talking around town about the man, saying, “Someone needs to do something about that guy.”

Ginger finally decided she would be the one to do something. One day when she drove past him, she rolled down her window and asked him his story. Victor told her that his mom left him three years ago and that he was battling mental illness and didn’t have a place to live.

Ginger felt compassion for him and created a Facebook page called, “This Is Victor,” as a way to reach out to her community and ask neighbors to help by making meals, washing clothes, and helping him with appointments. Ginger hired Victor to work for her business and also created a GoFundMe page where people could donate. Within two months, he received nearly $15,000. Victor said, “She kind of saved me.”

Worker Jumps Through Drive-Thru Window to Help Woman

A McDonald’s worker in Doral, Florida, jumped through the drive-thru window to help an unconscious woman and her two children. Pedro Viloria was working the drive-thru window when a woman and her two children pulled up. He noticed the woman was struggling to breathe. When the woman lost consciousness shortly thereafter and her foot slipped off the brake, Viloria jumped through the window to stop the car from rolling forward.

A second McDonald’s employee, along with paramedics who were there, helped revive the woman at the scene.

Lindsey Bell is an author and speaker living in Southwest Missouri with her husband, Keith, and their two children (

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