In The World—June 25, 2017

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In The World—June 25, 2017

By Lindsey Bell

Making Sure No Students Eat Alone

Do you remember what it was like to eat lunch alone, while at the same time watching others gather with their friends? Dennis Estimon remembers feeling that way when he moved to the States from Haiti as a first grader. A senior at Boca High School in Boca Raton, Florida, and a member of Connected Life Christian Church, Dennis remembered how hard it was for him to sit alone during lunch and how he didn’t want any other kids to ever feel like that.

Dennis, along with some friends from church, started a club called We Dine Together. Club members walk around during lunch period and look for anyone sitting alone. Allie Sealy said, “With no one to sit next to, lunch can be the most excruciating part of the day.” The club changed Allie’s life, and now she is hoping to do the same for others. We Dine Together has grown larger, and now Dennis hopes to open chapters of the club at schools all across the country. Imagine how great school lunch periods will be when no student eats alone!

Restaurant Owner Devastated by Fire, Amazed by Generosity

Earlier this year, The White House Restaurant in Anaheim, California, had an electrical fire. Restaurant owner Bruno Serato was devastated. Not only had he lost his beloved restaurant and many personal possessions in the fire, but he also assumed he had lost his opportunity to serve the poor children in his area.

Before the fire, Serato had used his restaurant to “cater to the rich and famous, just so he could feed the down and out,” reported CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman. Every day for years, Serato fed around 2,000 children in his fancy restaurant at no charge to them. In fact, he said he was going broke by giving to the kids. Serato was giving away more meals than he was selling. Nonetheless, he was determined to continue feeding the kids.

When the fire destroyed his restaurant, he thought his dream of helping them was over. It wasn’t. Within hours of the fire, Serato’s inbox was flooded with offers to help. Caterers and competitors offered their kitchens to him for free. Others offered money to rebuild his restaurant. Serato didn’t miss one day feeding the kids.

World’s Largest Dinosaur Footprint Discovered

Paleontologists from the University of Queensland recently found a huge dinosaur footprint in what some are calling “Australia’s Jurassic Park.” This footprint measured 5´9˝ long, making it the largest dinosaur footprint currently discovered.

The group believes the footprint belonged to a sauropod, a long-necked plant eater. What’s equally amazing about this discovery is that not only did the group find a huge footprint, but they also discovered 21 different types of dinosaur tracks in the same 25-kilometer stretch of land.

Lead researcher Steve Salisbury commented on the variety of species. “We have never seen this level of diversity before, anywhere in the world.”

New Device Allows You to Take Private Calls in Public

Have you ever wanted to take a private phone call without having to leave a public place? Now you can with a new device called Hushme.

Hushme is the “world’s first voice mask for mobile phones.” It’s a wearable device that uses an app on your phone. It allows you to choose from a variety of sounds to “mask” your conversation. Sounds include wind, the ocean, birds, Darth Vader breathing, and others.

Lindsey Bell is an author and speaker living in Southwest Missouri with her husband, Keith, and their two children (

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