Kids These Days

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Kids These Days

By Kelly Carr

Today we begin a three-part series on generations. What’s that? I’m glad you asked!

God’s church is made up of many different people. One difference is our ages. Last year when we talked about cross-generational relationships, it was eye-opening to be reminded of the benefits that come from people of various ages serving the Lord together.

So we’ve created a series to allow people of various ages to share their perspective, their thoughts on faith. The point is for us—as the body of Christ—to try and better understand people from other age groups. I encourage you especially to read the parts of our series discussing the ages that you are not. Learn what your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are experiencing in their life stages so that you can empathize, encourage, and engage with other generations.

We kick off the series with young adults—the millennial generation. For you readers who are older than that, how many times have you seen the actions of a millennial, shook your head, and thought, Kids these days? Go on and admit you’ve done it! Years ago older generations were shaking their heads at us, and now we do the same to those who come behind us.

Though you may have gone through that young adult stage in life already, the world is different for them than it was for you in your 20s and early 30s—so their perspective is new. Rather than speculating, look at what four of our readers have to say this week and ask questions of the millennials in your church. What can you learn?

If you’re a millennial, which one of these articles do you resonate with? What more would you add to help older generations better understand you? What do you want to learn from the older generations? We want to hear from everyone. Please go to our website and leave a comment on these articles or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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