Ministering to the Broken

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Ministering to the Broken

By Kelly Carr

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.58.04 PMWith one movement, it toppled.

It was a small vase, given to me by a loved one who had visited one of the smallest countries in the world: Liechtenstein. Now a large shard has broken off, and I look upon it with sadness.

If I’m sad when a material possession is broken, how much more should I hurt when a person becomes broken? Everyone experiences low points in life, but some things occur that shatter people and devastate their spirits. What can we do then?

Broken people usually move in one of two directions. Direction one: they strive to piece themselves back together, oftentimes leaning on people, substances, or behaviors that end up causing further destruction. Direction two: they recognize there is no way to become whole again on their own, so they seek help. If someone is willing to get help, then their hearts are more open to the love, grace, and mercy of the Lord.

That’s why ministry to those who are broken is vital. At their lowest points, people are at a pivotal time when they have the potential to emerge on the path toward healing or the path toward more pain. You can play a role in guiding someone toward wholeness again. Though it may be intimidating to approach people who are in the midst of brokenness, know that any efforts on your part can be used by God to make a difference, to offer hope in him.

I kept the broken piece of my vase and hope to find the right adhesive and skilled hands to fix it. It’s a reminder that what has been broken can be put back together, if we know upon whom we can rely.

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