My Mother’s Day Gift

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My Mother’s Day Gift

By Kelly Carr

I decided that since it was Mother’s Day, and since I’m a mom, I should be able to kick back and relax—take the day off. Seems fair, right? But this editorial had to get written first.

So I approached my daughter, Kaelyn. She’s 11 years old and in fifth grade, and she has to do a lot of writing for school. I suggested an idea I felt was brilliant: could part of my Mother’s Day gift from her be that she helps me with my work? She could write a little something, and then I would have less to do. (And maybe I’d get to go take a nap!)

Happily for me, she agreed. Here is what she wrote:

Your mother: someone who has been there for you your whole life. She has guided you and helped you be the person who you are now.

My mother is a good cook, tells others about Jesus and God, and she is very loving. All of the mothers in my life (including my grandmothers and my great-grandmother) are very encouraging.

Happy Mother’s Day!

That’s a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for me. I’ll take it! Thanks to my kiddo for the uplifting words, for helping me out, and for giving me time to rest.

If you’re a mom or if you’re not, I hope you get your own heartwarming encouragement from others today and some time to rest—because all the ladies deserve it!

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