Online Tools to Grow Your Faith at Work

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Online Tools to Grow Your Faith at Work

By Jamie Shafer

c_shaferRecently I spoke with a young woman whose newfound faith was causing her to reconsider her career path and the ethics of some business practices in her office. She said, “Someday I’m going to stand before God and he will ask me what I did with what I was given. What am I going to say?”

You may have heard questions like this from other believers. Perhaps you have been the one asking, What is God calling me to do? In addition to sleepless nights, this question prompts searching—in your heart, in prayer, in Scripture, and in conversations with others. There are a number of great online resources to help Christians who are wrestling with career choices, business ethics, or even practical ways to share their faith with coworkers.

LinkedIn Groups

In addition to being an excellent professional networking tool, LinkedIn is full of resources for the marketplace Christian, like the following groups: 

• Faith Driven Business: This is an online community for small business entrepreneurs who seek to honor God and merge their faith and work. As they describe themselves, “We provide insights from CEOs and entrepreneurs who have built remarkable companies, and the spiritual leaders who teach them. The content will create a community for answers, support and fellowship. Hear what others are doing to live their faith at work. Learn how to manage and market your business authentically, in ways that people will love and respect. Connect with other Christian entrepreneurs and business professionals.” 

• Christian Executives Organization: CEO is a nondenominational Christian fellowship comprised of senior business executives who are committed to living an integrated Christian life, wherein there is no difference in behavior between Sunday morning in church and Monday morning in the boardroom. 

Center for Faith & Work

The Center for Faith & Work ( is the cultural renewal arm of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. Redeemer’s founding pastor Timothy Keller shares, “Christians should be a community radically committed to the good of the city as a whole.” With a focus on New York City, the site offers resources, event opportunities, and educational resources focused on the rising generation of marketplace leaders, including the Gotham Fellowship. The center’s hope is “to bring to life the gospel’s unique power to transform people to seek the good of this city and beyond. CFW’s programs are aimed at equipping, connecting, and mobilizing the church to effectively engage the city, emphasizing the importance of meaningful faith and work integration.”

Work Life

Founded by former nuclear engineer Doug Spada, Work Life ( addresses common workplace issues from a faith-based perspective. The site provides resources for workers, churches, and groups. Users can download a free WorkLife study, explore relevant topics on the blog, and sign up for an e-newsletter. 

The Monday Switch

An initiative from WorkLife, the Monday Switch program ( is designed to help individuals focus on learning to work with God during the week instead of switching off their faith on Monday morning. A toolkit is available for purchase, or you can access free downloads to post in your office like The Switch Work Prayer and the 10 Commandments of Work. 

The Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University

Established by LeTourneau University, the Center for Faith & Work ( helps Christians understand how their work matters to God and his kingdom while experiencing Christ’s transforming presence and power. Explore personal stories, workplace environments, and articles on evangelism, plus opportunities and legal boundaries for sharing faith at work.

YouVersion Devotions

Examine what the Bible says about calling. The Theology of Work Project ( and The High Calling ( have teamed up with the YouVersion Bible app to create work-related devotionals. To access, simply download the YouVersion Bible app. Then in the menu click Plans, then Browse Plans. Search for “What Does the Bible Say About Calling?” and get started!

Jamie Shafer is a communications strategist for Fishhook Communications in Indianapolis, Indiana. She and her husband, Eric, have two children.

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