Peace from the Lord

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Peace from the Lord

By Kelly Carr

carrPeace is a word we might hear often, yet it conjures up different visuals. It can come in several forms and describe many things:

•  We might long for emotional peace so that we could end the turmoil of hurt inside us.

•  We might seek relational peace to resolve a conflict we are experiencing with a friend.

•  We might hope for world peace so that no more nation fights against nation.

•  We might desire peace and quiet because stress is building up on all sides.

Several years ago I looked at peace from an angle that was new to me. While working on a project with my former manager, I was intrigued by an article he had written concerning the peace we have with God. It boiled down to this: we are enemies with God because of our sin; Jesus’ sacrifice changed that status of conflict and brings us back into a relationship of peace with the Father. I’d never thought of my sin in such a way—creating conflict and enmity with the Lord, creating a turmoil that needs a resolution of peace. At times so focused on the forgiveness result of the cross, I’d neglected to take stock of the grave situation my sin puts me in. It gave me an entirely new sense of gratitude for Jesus’ redemption and better awareness of this type of peace that he offers us.

This week we are looking at several forms of peace, and I hope that the articles challenge and encourage you. No matter what peace you are seeking today, may you call upon God’s Spirit to provide.

“The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace” (Psalm 29:11).

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