Reaching Out

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Reaching Out

By Kelly Carr

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.58.04 PMI’ve seen sports, sewing, and sign language ministries. I’ve watched church groups build houses, serve hot meals, and clean up the community. I’ve been to Christian nonprofit events that include drama, music, and dance. I know faithful followers of Jesus who tutor, mentor, and foster.

What do all these have in common? Using their vast array of skills and passions, Christ followers are reaching out to their communities. They aren’t standing inside the church building and waving at people to come inside so they can tell them about Jesus. No, they are living among their neighbors and working side by side to demonstrate the gospel message. Those actions lead to conversations.

You likely are an individual I’ve just described who is involved in outreach. Outreach is one of those terms that encompasses a wide spectrum of opportunities. It can be anything that puts you in the path of people who don’t know Jesus.

Maybe you are reaching out without even thinking about it. You may not consider that you are doing anything significant when you share your garden vegetables with neighbors or pick up litter as you take a walk or coach your daughter’s soccer team or listen when your coworker tells you about his bad day. You naturally care, and that is demonstrated in your habits. But when you care, other people notice. And they begin to wonder why. And maybe they’ll ask you. And then you’ll get to tell them of God’s great love that permeates your very soul and motivates your every move.

We want to hear about the ways our fellow believers are involved in their communities. Go to our Facebook pageTwitter account, or here on our website and share with us the ways that you and your congregation reach out.

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