React to Christmas

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React to Christmas

By Kelly Carr

carrThere are many ways people reacted over 2,000 years ago to a small Jewish boy born in the overcrowded town of David.

• The shepherds glorified and praised.

• Mary treasured and pondered.

• The Magi followed and worshipped.

• Joseph protected and obeyed.

You’ve heard this story year after year. How will you react today?

If the year has been filled with noise and chaos and heavy burdens, may this be your day, your week to find peace. Though this one day of Christmas likely will not erase all the sadness in your heart, may the truth of God coming to earth bring you hope.

If the year has been filled with blessings and excitement and new adventures, may this be your day, your week to radiate joy. May you find opportunities to spread the love overflowing from your heart, sharing with others the grace God offers through Jesus coming to earth.

Sorrow and beauty—likely the year has brought some of both to you. So you need reminders of all the ways that a baby born in ancient Bethlehem makes a difference to your modern-day life. You need the hope his 33 years on earth brings, and you need the grace his death and resurrection provides.

Something new jumped out to me as I read these familiar words again this season. It’s the reaction of all the people to whom the shepherds spread the good news. “And all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them” (Luke 2:18). Other versions translate the reaction “wondered” or “were astonished.” I see that those who heard the news of Jesus didn’t take the information passively. They reacted.

I encourage you to find time to sit in God’s presence and dwell on that holy night so long ago that began the road to our salvation. May you not merely think about the familiar Christmas story, but may you react. Merry Christmas.

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