Same Story, New Characters

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Same Story, New Characters

By Kelly Carr

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.58.04 PMWe sat in the darkened theater in eager anticipation. After enduring many, many previews, the time had finally arrived. A yellow logo burst onto the black screen as a blare of orchestral notes heralded a familiar song—Star Wars had returned. In the glowing light of the movie screen, I turned to look at my husband and my daughter, both enraptured by what was before them. With laughter and wonder, nostalgia and curiosity, all of us enjoyed the movie together. 

Yes, this past December there was excitement in our household, anticipating a new chapter in a cherished saga of films. What makes both a current child and an adult reflecting back to his own childhood captivated by the same decades-old story? The universal truths within this series—good versus evil, friends who are there by your side, tension in family relationships. Kids today can relate to these ideas, just as we adults could relate in our youthful days. 

The World Is Different Today

As we say with each new generation, the world is a different place for kids today. They have opportunities we didn’t have at that age yet also stresses we never faced. But the core needs remain the same for all children. It’s important to be aware of the similarities and differences as we help young ones navigate an ever-changing world created by a never-changing God. 

Family, friends, and learning what’s right and wrong make up the framework for all impressionable lives. The scenarios we face in our early years can set our course and provide confidence and hope or frustration and fear. Children are shaped by the adults around them. Even if you don’t have kids currently in your family, they are in your church or in your neighborhood. There are kids in whose lives you can make a difference if you look for opportunities. So as we are pondering kids’ topics this week, the third focus in our series, these perspectives are noteworthy for us all. How can we support and minister to the next generation with the love of Christ? 

Adult Choices Affect Children

The more I’ve lived, the more stories I’ve heard of kids who did not grow up in solid households with a foundation of Christ. I’ve seen those kids become adults who remain lost and confused, making choices that steer their own children down directionless paths. There is a devastating realization—the choices of adults set the tone for children’s lives, and the kids have no say in the matter. 

I know many children who are growing up in loving homes and have godly values taught to them, yet there are many more who live in frightening settings with no love, hope, or message of salvation. These kids need us too. They need someone to tell them Jesus loves them. Or they need us to tell their parents about a Savior so that entire families will discover God’s grace. 

The growing years mold future adults, so getting involved with kids these days is an investment in our world’s future. Jesus cared even for the little children. Let’s be sure we are caring for them too. Let’s reignite the spark of wonder from our own childhood and pass on the ultimate story of redemption to the next generation.

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