Tender Hearts on Mother’s Day

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Tender Hearts on Mother’s Day

By Kelly Carr 

c_CarrThere is stillness now. Already forgotten is the pain and concern and struggle that surrounded them hours before. Now there is peace and rest as a mother holds a sleeping newborn in her arms. 

We imagine this portrait of mother and baby and understand that it’s a beginning of something beautiful—the circle of life starting anew. It’s what we celebrate today on Mother’s Day. 

Yet even this day of celebration can be fraught with emotion. 

Missing Mom

While I enjoy today, I know this Mother’s Day is going to be difficult for two of my friends. It is the first Mother’s Day since each of their moms suddenly passed away from illness.

For a number of people, both women and men, today reminds them that their moms aren’t around anymore, from death in recent years or many years gone by. Or perhaps some choices were made that now keep mothers apart from their children.

I say this not to dampen anyone’s happy spirits but to remind us all to look around us and consider how we can lift up those we know in our lives who are missing Mom. 

Kathleen Barr shared her experiences with us on how ladies in her church stepped in as mother figures after her mom passed away. Let’s be challenged, ladies, to be a mothering figure to those in our church family who need one.

Grieving What Isn’t

There are also friends I have who are mothers in spirit but not in circumstance. Some have lost children to death. Others have never had their own children, even though they longed for the opportunity.

This day may be a tremulous one for some women in your life. Lindsey Bell offers us some good advice to help us be aware of our words and actions and gives us tips on how to provide encouragement to women who need it today.

Worrying for the Future

Finally, there are moms who may be overwhelmed in their role. I know I stepped into motherhood with a bit of trepidation. I wanted a baby, but I didn’t feel confident that I had the natural skills to be a supermom. Fortunately, I had women around me to remind me that I would be OK. They offered listening ears and helpful words.

You can be that encouragement to other women. Maybe they are first-time moms. Perhaps their children are rebelling. You may have experienced what they are going through and can offer godly counsel to lift their spirits. Reach out when God opens that door. 

Whether you are a mother or a father or neither, today is a day you can bring a smile to someone. Use your words and actions to encourage all the females you know who are striving to be righteous daughters of the King. Be a role model for young people whose moms aren’t around. Offer hope to those who doubt. You can be used by the Lord to make a difference to tender hearts this Mother’s Day.

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