Thank You, Gentlemen

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Thank You, Gentlemen

By Kelly Carr 

c_CarrFather’s Day is one of those holidays people may tiptoe around. These days we hear of more and more families where Dad isn’t around. When the news shows fathers ending up in jail, avoiding child support, abusing their kids, working more than being at home, or cheating on the side, the entire concept of fatherhood can sometimes get a negative reputation. 

That’s why today I want to say thank you to all the terrific fathers out there:

• Thanks to all the dads who have stuck with frustrating jobs because they are determined to provide for their families. 

• Thanks to the dads who have decided to come home to the dinner table, even when pressured to stay late at work to earn a promotion.

• Thanks to the dads who coach, volunteer on field trips, help with homework, drive in the carpool, teach Sunday school, and attend recitals, plays, and competitions. 

• Thanks to the dads who make memories together with their families. 

• Thanks to the dads who hug, high five, and say, “Great job!”

• Thanks to the dads who take time to learn about their children’s interests, even when they are very different from their own. 

• Thanks to the dads who bravely teach their kids how to ride a bike, drive a car, and understand the birds and bees—even when teaching such things scares them to their core!

• Thanks to the dads who say no and set limits for their children’s own good, even when it was tempting to give in to the tears. 

• Thanks to the dads who lend a listening ear long after their children are grown. 

• Thanks to the dads who step in when birth fathers have stepped out. 

• Thanks to the dads who are not actually dads themselves but who have mentored, cared for, and loved on nephews and nieces or kids in their church and community, becoming father figures in amazing ways. 

• Thanks to the dads who go above and beyond to remain connected with their families, even when military service, work duties, or other obstacles keep them miles apart. 

• Thanks to the dads who have been tempted but haven’t given in, who have struggled in their marriages but worked hard to work it out. 

• Thanks to the dads who make it a priority to go to church. 

• Thanks to the dads who have served the Lord, both when we were watching and when we weren’t looking.

I say thank you to all the men out there—both the dads and those who aren’t—who are amazing representations of our heavenly Father. Because of you, even those without an earthly father can grasp the idea of an eternal Father’s love. Because of you the concept of fatherhood shines brightly. We need men like you—please keep spreading your character to the younger generations. We are all better for it.

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