The Heart of the Game

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The Heart of the Game

By Kelly Carr

It will be a familiar tale in households across the country today. Tis the season for the majority of America to gather with loved ones, food at the ready, experiencing a bonding camaraderie highlighted with high fives or shouts of frustration.

What is this siren song, calling everyone forth? It’s the biggest football game of the year.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sports fan. While my favorite season comes at college basketball tournament time, I know today is the pinnacle for football fans. I’ve been to so many games, matches, and events of all types through the years. No matter the sport, it’s exciting to be in the moment—seeing skilled athletes perform, cheering with the crowd, experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Sure it’s easy for people to get overly consumed, but there’s a lot we can learn through sports, as fans or as athletes. Like any hobby, we can receive blessings through it. 

As athletes we experience such benefits as accomplishing goals, working with teammates, and staying physically fit. I bonded with my dad when he was my softball coach as a kid, and I was uplifted by my mom who came to every game. I became more disciplined as an adult when I got back into running and had goals to achieve.

As fans sports are a way of connecting with people we might not see otherwise. I got to know many families at my daughter’s school as we sat side by side at the soccer field, cheering and getting into conversation. My husband makes new friends (and maybe some enemies?!) whenever he goes out wearing his Manchester United gear.

Whether you love the game or would rather watch the commercials; whether you could talk sports all day or would rather be doing anything else—all of us can view our interests in light of God’s good gifts and see how he can be lifted up through them.

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