The Lesson and Life for August 28, 2016

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The Lesson and Life for August 28, 2016

Devotional thoughts on Romans 12:1, 2; 13:8-10

By Mike Berry

I remember the first time I was called out for lacking character. The reason I remember is that it stung. The second, and probably bigger, reason was that it changed me. Forever.

Absent Character

It was the spring before my senior year of college and I was in the running to become a resident assistant in the dormitory I lived in on campus. I had wanted a position like this since I was a senior in high school. And now I was one of the finalists. I was excited. But when I walked into the interview room thinking I was going to kick in the charm and waltz my way through, I was wrong.

The four men sitting before me began calling me out. They were kind, but firm. They shared incidences when fellow students graded my attitude and character. It wasn’t a high grade. I had a lot of growing up to do. It was clear I needed to take a step back and look hard at the contents of my life. After all, as those men pointed out that day during my interview, leadership is weakened when character is absent.

Great Calling

I learned that in order to lead, my entire life had to be lived in sacrifice. It wasn’t easy, but by God’s grace I rose to the challenge and my life changed forever.

Based on the facts of my life—the character that had been lacking, my self-centered attitude, and more—those men had no business selecting me. But they did. In the end they each approached me with love and grace. They restored me and showed me that, in spite of my failures, I was still worthy of a great calling. Thanks be to God that he sees us in the same light.

Mike Berry is an author, public speaker, adoptive father, and former foster parent. He travels the country sharing hope with hurting parents. He and his wife, Kristin, created the blog

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