The Lesson and Life for November 29, 2015

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The Lesson and Life for November 29, 2015

By Ashlea Massie

Paul was a man led by God. He went from town to town, preaching the gospel to the lost. As seen in today’s passage, Paul never went wherever he pleased. He never said of one place, “This seems like a great place to visit—I will go there next to preach because I want to.” No, each time he left for another town, we see that it was always God’s leading. 

Led by God

If God wanted Paul to stay in a town, he stayed. Sometimes it seemed as if Paul left abruptly, but actually Paul left when his work was done and no longer necessary to the believers, as they were able to carry on as a congregation by themselves. Paul let God direct his steps, and he let others know that too.

We have a tendency to be led by our own desires instead of being led by God. Although it may seem silly to ask God about things that seem clear and easy to determine on our own, God sometimes has a greater purpose that we cannot see that may be beneficial to us or to those around us. Because of that, it’s very important to spend time in prayer, asking for God to lead. 

Trust His Leading

It was important for Paul to heed God’s calling so he could adequately minister to those who truly needed the gospel. Perhaps God might be calling you into full-time ministry or into a new situation where you will be ministering in the way you live. To others that may seem absurd, but God may be saying it’s time to move on to something else that has an even greater benefit that you can’t see at the moment. Maybe God wants you to step out in faith and trust his leading.

Whatever you may be facing, take the time to pray and listen to God, just as Paul did. Let him guide and lead your steps, because his way is far better than anything you could ever imagine.

Ashlea Massie teaches high school students and is pursuing an M.A. in literature. She also enjoys freelance writing and blogging  (

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