The Lesson & Life for February 7, 2016

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The Lesson & Life for February 7, 2016

Devotional thoughts on Exodus 12:1-14

By Daryl Reed

In anticipation of my fiftieth birthday, my wife asked me whether or not I wanted to have a big party. I wasn’t sure. I like parties. I just don’t like having parties in my honor—at least that’s what I told my wife. Like many spouses, my wife knows me better than I know myself. She respectfully ignored my hesitant response and planned a huge party for me. 

Anticipation of a Celebration

My wife started coordinating months in advance. When the day finally arrived she was proven right—I had the best party ever. One of the things that made that day special was the presence of so many family and friends who had to travel great distances to come celebrate with me. This was only possible because she planned ahead. I will never forget that monumental day—my fiftieth birthday. 

Similarly, the Festival of Weeks was a well-planned party celebrating the firstfruits of the harvest. What made this holy day extra special was the buildup—the seven-week countdown leading up to it. I’m sure the people of God were excitedly marking off the days on their calendars leading up to the celebration. 

Anticipation of Sanctification

Do you think it was a coincidence that God chose this holy day—the Day of Pentecost—to birth his church (Acts 2:1)? God-fearing Jews had traveled from every nation under Heaven so that they could celebrate this feast. But they had no idea what God had in store for them. God showed up at the party. The Holy Spirit came into the world in a powerful way, the good news was preached, and thousands were saved. The party attenders had no idea that they were the firstfruits of the harvest—a wave offering of the Lord. What a day! 

Do you realize that the countdown for the greatest party of all is being marked off on God’s calendar in Heaven? And what’s even more amazing is—you’re invited! (See Matthew 11:28, 29; 22:14; Revelation 22:17.) 

Have you RSVP’d? Are you getting excited?

Daryl Reed serves as lead minister of DC Regional Christian Church in the Washington, D.C. area. Previously he served more than 25 years in full-time ministry in churches in the Midwest and California.

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