Those Who’ve Paved the Way

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Those Who’ve Paved the Way

By Kelly Carr 

c_CarrReflecting on our past is a helpful endeavor. Days such as Memorial Day help us do this. We are called to pay tribute to those who have laid the groundwork for the lives we live in the U.S.

While Memorial Day helps us consider those who have sacrificed for our national heritage, it might also be a nice time to consider those who have sacrificed for our spiritual heritage. 

Snapshots of Faith

With this train of thought, there is a hymn title that came to mind: “Faith of our Fathers.” I wanted this issue to give us pause to consider the faith of fathers and mothers in our own past—the faith of those who are not just related to us by blood but those who are in our spiritual family, those who have mentored us and have demonstrated what it means to live as Christ lived.

I learn best when I see things presented to me. And I have snapshots in my memory of people whose faith made impressions upon me when I was young: 

• I close my eyes and recall the nights I spent at my grandparents’ house. They turned off the TV and sat quietly together, each reading their Bibles before bed.

• I can picture the smiles and open arms of several women who taught me in Sunday school and children’s choir. I remember that they made me feel loved.

• I can see church members who brought food to my family when my brother was born prematurely. While he had to spend months in the hospital, church friends showed the love of God through their time and care for us. 

• I recall an image of a youth minister at our house, sitting with my parents and me, discussing my desire to be baptized. I later see the tears in my parents’ eyes when I came out of the water. 

Spiritual Heritage

Consider your own spiritual heritage. Who has influenced your walk with Christ over the years? Who reached out, answered your questions, or lived in such a way that you were compelled to follow Jesus? 

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. We will see flags flown and graves decorated with flowers. We will see images of current soldiers saluting the men and women who have gone before them. We will be grateful for our blessings as Americans and honor the men and women who have given their lives in service of our country.

Today, think about those who have gone before you in service of the Lord. Find a way to honor the men and women whose lives have paved the way for you to meet your Savior and grow in your relationship with him.

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