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Where you Live

Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for June 14, 2015

By Michael C. Mack

Divide into two teams and play a game of charades. Put these phrases on slips of paper to be acted out: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; “This Little Light of Mine”; “lions and tigers and bears”; “Rolling on the River.”

Read Amos 5:14, 15, 18-27.

What can you discern about the hearts of the people to whom Amos addressed his message? 

What specific evidences of hypocrisy do you see in this passage? 

What would the day of the Lord (God’s judgment upon his people) be like for those who were not “with him”? 

What does God not want out of your church and small group meetings? What does he want?

On a scale of 1-10—1 being a game of charades and 10 being the body of Christ carrying out his mission—where do you think your group is? Why? 

Brainstorm: How can you as a group grow in being missional, that is, seeking good, not evil, and pursuing justice and righteousness?

Michael Mack leads church training events and consults with churches through his ministry, Small Group Leadership (www.smallgroupleadership.com).

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