Where You Live for April 3, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups

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Where You Live for April 3, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups

By Michael C. Mack

1. What is the most amazing thing you’ve ever witnessed? 

Read Luke 7:1-10. 

2. What do you know about this centurion from the passage? 

• What did people think of him?

• How would you describe his heart and attitude?

• How did he view himself? 

3. If you were testifying about this man’s faith, what evidences would you give? 

4. In the original language the word also is included: “For I also am a man placed under authority . . .” (Luke 7:8 NASB). The centurion recognized something he had in common with Jesus in that both had authority because it was given to them from above (Matthew 28:18). The centurion knew his place in life. As a Christ follower, what authority do you have and where does it come from? 

5. What is the connection between faith and humility? 

6. From what you’ve learned from the centurion in this passage, what does having “great faith” look like for you? 

7. What aspect of great faith do you need to grow in today?




Trust in Jesus

Knowing your place; using your authority wisely

8. Close in prayer, asking God to grow the faith of each member of your group. 

Michael C. Mack leads church training events and consults with churches through his ministry, Small Group Leadership (www.smallgroupleadership.com). 

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